Wm. E. Boucher Banjo  c. 1850 

Price: $2600.

William Esperance Boucher Jr.
began making
banjos in his Baltimore
musical instrument factory around 1848. 

Union Cavalry Soldier with Boucher Banjo, ca. 1864.
Ferrotype, courtesy of Edwin Sims

His banjo gained widespread distribution during the middle
of the 19th Century. They were commonly used in Minstrel Shows
and carried by soldiers of both sides during the Civil War.

"Peghed" geared tuners............add $150
Fitted hard-shell case........    ...add $150
Natural skin head.....................add $100








26" scale length with a 3.25" deep 12 inch rim.  Has a rich
deep tone when tuned to minstrel tunings of the 19th Century.


Maple neck
Rosewood fingerboard
Curly  maple rim veneer
8 cast brass Boucher brackets.
Rosewood or ebony tailpiece.
Ebony tuning pegs.
synthetic head "Renaissance head"


         from Boucher business card courtesy of Bob Sayers