Joel Walker Sweeney Banjo c.1845

27" scale length
Maple neck
12" Boucher style scalloped rim.
Brass hardware
Rosewood tuning pegs & tailpiece
Natural skin head.

Price: $2100

"Peghed" geared tuners....................add $150
Fitted hard-shell case.......................add $100
synthetic head "renaissance head" ..no charge

Joel W. Sweeney helped popularize the banjo throughout America and Europe. He is occasionally  mistaken to be a member of the "Virgina Minstrels," although he sometimes performed with one or two of them.

This banjo was made by Sweeney for his niece, who was left-handed. Dimensions and rubbings came from the original Sweeney banjo currently housed in the Los Angeles County Museum. 

from Pete Seeger's "How to Play the 5 String Banjo"

The neck is arched beginning from about the octave position to meet the rim below the tension ring.