Levi Brown Banjo c. 1850
formally known as: Winan's "No-Name" Banjo



Price: $3200


Inlays on the fingerboard mark noting positions.  The circle near the fifth string tuner marks the seventh position and the octave position is located at the point between the two bumps on the side of the neck.  Brass geared tuners.



A reproduction of the early banjo played by Dr. Robert B. Winans in 1994 on the recording "Minstrel Banjo Style."  Levi Brown was a contemporary of Boucher also building banjos in  Baltimore, Maryland

Featured in "The Birth of the Banjo" exhibition, curated by Robert Shaw, Peter Sego and George Wunderlich, at the Katonah Museum of Art in 2003 Exhibition Catalog

A 13.5" rim with a 30" scale length. Neck is solid rosewood and The rim is bent oak with rosewood veneer.  The hooks and brackets are brass with a steel tension hoop.